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Flexible Plans

You may be a local business with a handful of PC’s – with a need for affordable ad-hoc IT support, or a multi-site network with Multiple Servers, many PC’s and a need for a more specialist network support service. Our plans are based around what you need and how you want to access support rather than imposing our ways of working on you.

Local Grimsby Support

All the gadgets and wizardry in the world can’t replace good old face to face in some situations. So yes we can do all the remote access stuff, but the fact we are a local business based in North East Lincolnshire means we also are happy to come to you on-site when you need us to.

A whole load of IT geeks

One of the reasons you outsource is to access the type of talent and expertise you wouldn’t be able to have in-house. So our IT Support Service is staffed by our IT Geeks who certainly know their megaflops from their flux capacitors but are available to you and your staff with fast, responsive support in plain english.

What makes good IT support?

As a business you need your IT systems working effectively at all times.

The reality is, however, that sometimes technology lets you down and the impact on your business can be huge.

So that’s where IT support comes in. By outsourcing the responsibility for making sure your IT is working efficiently to an external provider you make sure that any IT glitches and problems are fixed quickly and efficiently.

Well that’s the idea. The reality for many SME businesses is not so great with slow response times and inflexible systems that seem to add a further barrier rather than make things easier.

So when we were designing our IT Support Service we had a look at what SME businesses wanted, and what frustrated them about the services they may have received in the past and we designed our support to be fast, reliable and above all flexible.

Our friendly geeks know their megaflops from flux capacitors, but are available 24/7 with supportive guidance in plain english.

8 reasons to make the switch?

  • We make the transition easy and painless
  • You get amazing expertise without the costs of recruiting
  • We provide a hands-on approach
  • We won’t impose inflexible systems and processes
  • Our IT geeks know their stuff but won’t bamboozle you
  • We offer a flexible and agile approach
  • Our pricing is fair and transparent
  • We are proud of our fast response times and ability to keep your IT systems running efficiently

How is the Atomic IT Support different from other local providers?

Typical Proivider Atomic IT Support
Lock you into their IT system and way of working Flexible and agile approach, not locked into a system, at Atomic we’re adaptable and flexible.
Lost in a ticket system with a confusing points system Our plans are flexible and transparent and we don’t limit your support calls or confuse with points systems
Charges for over-use We have a clear monthly pricing structure typically charging per server and per user not the number of calls.
Per device pricing In today’s business where people use multiple devices, Per Device pricing is an clumsy and expensive. For this reason we bill per user.
Not being proactive Responsive but also pro-active, we have monitoring in place to ensure we catch the problems before you do.

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