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So who are Atomic?

You probably have an IT provider; a company that provides your PC’s servers and gives you IT support. But do they advise you on how technology can streamline or improve your business? Can they create new software solutions or communications systems? And what about your web presence? Most IT companies don’t do websites, so that is another supplier you need to find and manage.

This is the situation facing most SME businesses and one that results in disjointed solutions and missed opportunities. So we looked at all the technology services businesses require and brought together a team of IT geeks, coding gurus, digital creators and business boffins to create Atomic.

  • No more IT gobbledegook
  • Advice from your business perspective
  • Full range of IT and technology services
  • A technology partner not supplier


It is a given that businesses rely on IT whether that it is hardware, networking or visualisation. Our team of IT geeks pride themselves on being up to speed with the latest business technology but have been trained to curb their geekiness when it comes to talking with clients!


Off the shelf software and packages may be enough for your business, but often they do not exactly fit what you need to do. Our team of coding gurus are able to create bespoke software systems and processes that exactly fit what your business needs to do, whether that is stock control, a booking system or creating an App.


The internet has transformed how business market themselves and having a great website is now an essential part of that. Most IT companies steer well clear of websites preferring to leave them to digital agencies. Atomic are different and our Digital Creators can design, create content and of course build brilliant websites.

We promise you 4 things

  1. We keep learning. About new technology, applications and solutions and, more importantly, about you and your business.
  2. Most businesses and projects face challenges but we will always focus on the can not the can’t
  3. We want to build relationships with our clients ‘for the long haul’. No hard sell. No quick sale. No hidden extras.
  4. No techno-babble. It is a language our geeks are fluent in but they have been training to speak in English too.

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